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The Place of Business Architecture within Enterprise Architecture


Business architecture, one of the four foundational domains of enterprise architecture, is too often neglected and even dismissed altogether in budget constraints. Rarely do enterprise architecture initiatives start with business architecture as they should. To succeed, an organization and its CIO(s) need to focus more resources on building and communicating business architecture change maps that will involve not just its enterprise architects, but also its business executives, its business architects, its product managers, IT portfolio managers, obviously its CIO(s), and all its short-term and long-term planning ecosystem.

Figure 1 - Enterprise Architecture Domains.png

Webinar: Choosing the Right Cloud Architecture for your Firm"


Choosing the right cloud architecture for your firm is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business's efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Learn in this webinar how choosing the right cloud architecture for your firm is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business's efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Learn more about this subject in this 45-minute long free webinar to be held on October 12 at 10:00 AM Melbourne/Sydney time.

Cloud Architecture 2.png

Our Industry-Based Business Architecture Framework Committees Are Growing


Our industry-based business architecture framework committees are growing. These committees are becoming instrumental in building more sophisticated business architecture frameworks. We started our first one for the Energy and Utilities industry in May. We are about to start our Healthcare committee. We shall be starting the Pharmaceutical committee later this year. Other industry-based committees will follow in 2024. Learn more and join one.

Industry-Based Business Architecture Framework Committees.png

Webinar: Zero Trust and Enterprise Architecture


Without taking a new approach, like Zero Trust, enterprises will face continued friction with user access, experience disruptive and expensive security events, and be unable to transform and grow their businesses. Learn How EAs can take into account the Zero Trust methodology to improve security in their organization.

Learn more about this subject in this 46-minute long webinar that was held on September 12, 2023.

Security Management.png

Providing Value with Business Architecture and IT Architecture


Enterprise architecture needs sufficient resources to plan and map proper customer-driven business architecture, but the 3 domains of IT architecture should not be neglected, which are application/service, information/data, and technology/infrastructure.

Extracting Value from Agile Business Architecture and IT Architecture 2023.png

Enhancing and Validating a Capability Framework: An Example


Business Architecture Info has been providing industry-based reference business architecture frameworks for years based on the feedback provided by its over 100 customers over the last 10 years. It formalized this offering by launching its website a year ago. Most of our clients purchase our pre-built, ready-to-go, and customizable reference frameworks to fine-tune their own capability map and understand how they can be used in their everyday strategic and tactic planning and architecture initiatives. In the past, our industry-based frameworks have been built based on our customers’ feedback. On top of the feedback from our customers, we are now also starting to receive feedback from our industry-based committees. It’s been so far very successful. Here’s how we proceed.

Energy and Utilities Level 1 Capabilities.png

Using Enterprise Architects to Increase the Success Rate of SAFe® Project


Any organization with a digital transformation success rate lower than 50%[i] will find that they can improve this ratio substantially if they start using their enterprise architecture task force differently. To increase their value in an organization that uses SAFe® or any other sophisticated agile methodology, enterprise architects need to get a lot better at focusing on providing value to clients, patients, partners, key managers, and key employees using detailed value streams with identified participating stakeholders, enabling business capabilities, and last but not least required information concepts.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).png
Axel Newsletter 2023-06-18.png

Our New Partner in the Asia Pacific and Australia Region


Business Architecture Info and its owner, Daniel Lambert, are very proud to have Axel Dancoisne as a new Partner.  With his unique experience, Axel is a great addition to our team and can now provide business and enterprise architecture training and consulting for firms located in the Asia Pacific, including the Australia/New Zealand region. 

How to Build a Grounded Capability Model


Business Capabilities are at the heart of an organization’s planning ecosystem. Capability mapping serves many purposes, two of which are critical. First, business capabilities are instrumental in setting priorities more quickly focusing on the most profitable initiatives first. Second, well crafted and grounded detailed capability-based roadmap allows agile project planning that is more accurate, less risky, and takes less time.

The 7 Phases of Strategy Mapping


Well-crafted strategic plans are mapped in detail from business design to agile solution delivery and execution to enable the necessary changes within an organization in response to customer needs, competition, and innovation. To achieve its strategies and goals, a firm needs to map and disseminate them cohesively throughout its organization using its entire planning ecosystems from executives, mid-level managers, strategists, business architects, enterprise architects, change managers, process experts, business analysts, and agile experts using the 7 phases of strategy mapping.

4 Steps to a Successful Digital Transformation Project Using Business Architecture


Following the 4 steps of a well-crafted business architecture practice will increase the cohesion within the planning ecosystem of your organization and significantly improve the rate of success of your digital transformation projects.

Seven Skill Sets of Great Business Architects

The success rate of your business and digital transformation projects can be improved significantly by including business architects within the planning ecosystem of your firm. Great business architects are very customer-driven, excel at finding value for their organization and customers, communicate well both with business and IT personnel, are not enterprise & business architecture model freaks, know measurement techniques inside out, meet their organization’s objectives, and are finally involved with the delivery of their firm's roadmaps.

Great Business Architects.png

Increasing your Digital Transformation Success Rate with Enterprise Architecture

The success rate of your digital transformation projects can be improved significantly by incorporating a business architecture practice into your enterprise architecture and by following the five “Agile Strategy Execution Steps”. Read this article to learn more. 

5 Steps to Agile Strategy Execution Using Enterprise Architecture.png

BOOK - Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully

"The book is loaded with some of the best visual models I have seen. The Strategy Execution Model alone is worth purchasing the book. Even if you are in an organization that you think is very “agile”, I would challenge you to read this book." -- Amazon Reader

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