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Welcome our New AI Partner: Aidon

Your Custom AI Architected Solution for Your Business Strategy Delivery

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Business Architecture Info is proud to announce its partnership with Aidon Limited, the creator of the generative artificial intelligence solution "Business Architecture Info joins Aidon's team as a stellar addition, bringing vast expertise in business architecture. With a track record of satisfied clients worldwide, their global experience and deep industry knowledge significantly enhance our collaborative efforts, promising enriched solutions and expanded reach," says Aidon Limited's CEO and Founder, Deirdre Caren.

About Aidon Limited

With our solution, our goal is to be the leading AI training and architecture model customization partner for your enterprise, empowering the entire planning ecosystem within your organization to effectively navigate and benefit from your AI environment.  By providing architects and their planning ecosystem with the knowledge and tools they need to fully leverage the potential of AI within their specific environments, allows them to deliver the required information consistently across all projects.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is clear to us that customizing AI models, as well as empowering enterprise and business architects to use them effectively, will be crucial for business transformation success in the future. We see smart AI models assisting architects and their planning ecosystem generate business-quality information faster. Unlocking the power of AI for architects allows them to focus on what matters most, delivering value and knowledge to enterprises in a timely manner.​

Our unique three-phase solution empowers architects and their planning ecosystem to successfully navigate and integrate AI workflows into their practice for better business strategy delivery.

About Business Architecture Info


Business Architecture Info assists clients globally in refining their enterprise architecture practices, bridging business strategy and agile execution. Leveraging industry-specific frameworks, focused workgroups, and effective consulting services, Business Architecture Info ensures a comprehensive approach with its clientele. Their expertise transforms business and enterprise architecture practices, ensuring alignment from strategy development to agile delivery with measurable results.

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