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Examine our pre-built, ready-to-go, customizable, and business-friendly insurance business architecture reference framework and examples. Purchase any of our content below now or ask for a 30-minute demo for further information.

Business Architecture Info - Insurance Framework and Examples.jpg

The Insurance Reference Framework and Examples offered by Business Architecture Info for car, commercial vehicle, dental, disability, home, health, liability, life, long-term debt, marine, product liability, professional indemnity, property, travel, and workers' compensation insurance companies, include the following:

  • over 1,900 business capabilities (over 400 of them are insurance-specific);

  • over 420 information concepts, many of them linked to business capabilities;

  • 45 detailed value streams, 15 of which are customer-driven with their enabling business capabilities (list of value streams shown in the  diagram below);

  • over 130 insurance company stakeholders, most of them linked to value stages among others;

  • over 40 typical business units/departments, linked to business capabilities;

  • over 50 typical products and services;

  • over 2,400 cross-map relationships;

  • over 250 diagrams;

  • the ‘Reaching a New Market Using a Mobile Application’ example;

  • the ‘Improving Customer Experience Using Artificial Intelligence’ example;

  • the ‘Underwriting Using Artificial Intelligence’ example; and

  • a merger & acquisition example.

Our Insurance Business Architecture Training is entirely based on this Insurance Framework and Examples offered by Business Architecture Info. 

Purchase any of the following items derived from our Insurance Reference Framework and Examples:

Insurance Level 1 Business Capabilities - Business Architecture Info.png


The Insurance Business Architecture Reference Framework consists of over 1,900 business capabilities that are several levels deep. Business capabilities are segmented into 8 tiers, including Insurance, Client-Driven, Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Human Resources, Enterprise Support, Finance &  Accounting, and Governance & Compliance.

The Excel file includes the level, the nomenclature, a detailed description of each business capability, and cross-map relationships to value streams/value stages, and information concepts. 

Insurance Value Streams List - Business Architecture Info.png


The Insurance Business Architecture Reference Framework consists of 45 customer-driven, strategic, or supporting detailed value streams, with their participating stakeholders. 15 of these value streams are linked to their enabling capabilities. 

The Excel file includes the nomenclature, a detailed description of each value stream/value stage, and cross-map relationships to business capabilities and stakeholders. 

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