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Examine our pre-built, ready-to-go, customizable, and business-friendly healthcare business architecture reference framework and examples. Purchase any of our content below now or ask for a 30-minute demo for further information.

The Healthcare Reference Framework and Examples offered by Business Architecture Info for hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care, and other types of healthcare services, ​ include the following:

  • over 2,800 business capabilities (over 1,460 of them are healthcare-specific);

  • over 440 information concepts, many of them linked to business capabilities;

  • 40 detailed value streams, 22 of which are patient-driven with their enabling business capabilities (list of value streams shown in the diagram below);

  • over 100 healthcare stakeholders, many of them linked to value stages among others;

  • over 30 typical business units/departments/divisions, many of them linked to business capabilities;

  • over 36 typical products/services;

  • over 250 diagrams;

  • the ‘Patient Mobile App Launch’ example;

  • the ‘Improving Patient-Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence’ example;

  • the ‘Optimizing Clinical Trial Patient Selection Using Artificial Intelligence’ example; and

  • a merger and acquisition example.

In the past, this reference framework was crafted based on our client's comments. With our newly released version 3.1,  we now also take into account the input from our Healthcare Business Architecture Info Committee. It meets several times a year to improve this reference framework.  Members of this committee are currently:

  • Andy Levesque, Manager of Architecture at Gillette Children’s in MN USA,

  • Bipinkumar Rathod, Ph.D., Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in the UK,

  • Cecily Froemke, Ph.D., Strategy Program Director at Banner Health in OR USA,

  • Christopher Engstrom, Enterprise Architect at Allina Health in MN USA,

  • Matt Hitti, Enterprise Architect at Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, and

  • Neil Copeland, Senior Enterprise Data Architect at CareJourney in FL USA.


Our Healthcare  Business Architecture training is entirely based on this Healthcare Reference Framework and Examples offered by Business Architecture Info. 

Purchase any of the following content derived from our Healthcare Reference Framework and Examples:

  • The 397-page Healthcare Business Architecture Reference Framework and Examples Excel File (Pricing $1,999.50; Content not available online; Ask for a 30-minute web demo)

Healthcare Level 1 Capabilities


The Healthcare Business Architecture Reference Framework consists of over 2,800 business capabilities that are several levels deep. Business capabilities are segmented into 8 tiers, including Clinical Delivery, Patient-Driven, Strategy, Human Resources, Enterprise Support, Finance and  Accounting, Marketing and Sales, and Governance and Compliance.

The Excel file includes the level, the nomenclature, a detailed description of each business capability, and cross-map relationships to value streams/value stages, and information concepts. 

Healthcare Value Streams List


The Healthcare Business Architecture Reference Framework consists of 40 patient-driven, strategic, or supporting detailed value streams, with their participating stakeholders. 22 of these value streams are linked to their enabling capabilities. 

The Excel file includes the nomenclature, a detailed description of each value stream/value stage, and cross-map relationships to business capabilities and stakeholders. 

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