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Our Industry-Based Business Architecture Framework Committees Are Growing

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Our industry-based business architecture framework committees are growing. These committees are becoming instrumental in building more sophisticated business architecture frameworks. We started our first one for the Energy and Utilities industry in May 2023. We have just started our Healthcare committee this month, September. We shall be starting the Pharmaceutical committee this October. Other industry-based committees will follow in 2024. Learn more and join one.

We have recently selected six members for our Healthcare Business Architecture Framework Committee. This committee will have its first survey/meeting in September. You should be able to have access to a new version of our Healthcare framework sometime in November. The members of our Healthcare committee are:

  • Neil Copeland, Senior Enterprise Data Architect at CareJourney in FL USA (LinkedIn Profile

  • Christopher Engstrom, Enterprise Architect at Allina Health in MN USA (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Matt Hitti, Enterprise Architect at Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Cecily Froemke, Ph.D., Strategy Program Director at Banner Health in OR USA (LinkedIn Profile

  • Andy Levesque, Manager of Architecture at Gillette Children’s in MN USA (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Bipinkumar Rathod, Ph.D., Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in the UK (LinkedIn Profile)

As for our Energy and Utilities Business Architecture Framework Committee, it's been operational since May 2023. We've already launched a new version of our framework based on the initial feedback of the members of our committee. Another version will follow in October. The members of our Energy and Utilities committee are:

  • Ann Jacobs-Long, Director, Strategic Planning and Execution at Southern Company in GA USA (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Brian D. Smith, Director of Architecture at Colonial Pipeline Company in GA USA (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Laura Carty, Business Architect at Coliban Water in Australia (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Lindsey (Stapleton) Lindley, Segment Architect at Arizona Public Services in AZ USA (LinkedIn Profile)

  • Marius Botha, Senior Enterprise Architect at Powerco in New Zealand (LinkedIn Profile


We intend to organize a committee for the pharmaceutical industry in October. Others could follow afterward for the financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecom, and transportation industries. If you are currently an enterprise or business architect working in any of these industries, you may be interested in becoming a member. Make sure to let us know.

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