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Business Architecture Info aims at fine-tuning your current enterprise architecture practice from business strategy to agile delivery with our industry-based business architecture reference frameworks, private tailor-made corporate training, and result-driven consulting services. 

We work with you to understand your firm’s training and consulting requirements and develop tailor-made private workshops and result-driven consulting services based on your specific needs. Our private workshops and consulting services are available for the following industries: energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecom, and transportation.

Business Architecture Info also offers pre-built, ready-to-go, and customizable industry-based business architecture reference frameworks and examples with capability maps among others. Most of the content available on this website is owned by 8781877 Canada Inc. (doing business as Business Architecture Info).

Business Architecture Info works a lot in collaboration with its partners, including IRIS Business Architect and WBISCT Pty Ltd.

Feel free to consult our Privacy Policy should this be of interest to you.




8781877 Canada Inc.

(doing business as Business Architecture Info)

22 Dobie, Mont-Royal, QC, H3P 1G8, Canada

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