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Take a look at this 46-minute-long webinar that took place last September 12. 


About the Webinar

Enterprise architecture is the art of modeling and mapping capabilities and processes. Today, the vast majority of our processes are built on digital systems, all of which require active and thoughtful security and access management. However, today’s threat landscape and complexity of IT systems have made it difficult to obtain effective security with traditional infrastructures and architectures. Without taking a new approach, enterprises will face continued friction with user access, experience disruptive and expensive security events, and be unable to transform and grow their businesses.

However, a new approach to security, called Zero Trust, provides a more efficient and effective solution. This model, which leading enterprises are beginning to adopt, is a security strategy based on the idea that no user or device should be automatically granted access. Instead, access is only granted after being strongly authenticated, and having contextual policies applied to it. This results in a considerably more secure environment, while streamlining the user experience, and enabling the business to securely adopt new processes and technologies.

Join us for a webinar where we explore and discuss this highly relevant topic.

This 46-minute long free webinar took place on September 12. It's now available on YouTube for viewing.

About the Presenter


Jason Garbis is the Founder and Principal at Numberline Security. He is currently the co-chairman of the Zero Trust working group at the Cloud Security Alliance. Jason was in the past Chief Product Officer at Appgate. Jason also wrote two excellent books available on Amazon:


Jason helps enterprises prepare for, define, and execute on effective Zero Trust security strategies, with an emphasis on delivering business value, and not just improved security.


Jason is a recognized expert in Zero Trust, a published author, and a frequent industry conference speaker.

About the Host

Daniel Lambert, M. Sc., is a business strategist assisting business and enterprise architecture teams in collaborating better with the entire planning ecosystem of their firm and increasing the success rate of their organization's digital transformation initiatives and projects. Daniel was a successful B2B-focused technology venture capitalist in the past. He has worked with organizations in a broad array of industries: pharmaceuticals, utilities, transportation, computer software, healthcare, financial services, insurance companies, retail, telecom, and the public sector. Daniel is a partner and the owner of Business Architecture Info, which collaborates with its partners, EA Principals and IRIS Business Architect, among others.

Mr. Lambert wrote a book with great reviews entitled “Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully” available on Amazon.

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