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Our New Partner in Africa

Business Architecture Info is very proud to have NOVILS Consulting as a new regional Partner.   In partnership with Business Architecture Info, NOVILS Consulting, located in South Africa, can now provide business and enterprise architecture training and consulting for firms located anywhere in Africa.

Novils Consulting Logo.png

NOVILS Consulting, located in South Africa, is a dedicated force in steering businesses toward success through our specialized suite of services throughout Africa. With expertise in Business Architecture, NOVILS Consulting crafts bespoke strategies for enterprises, overseeing implementation, process management, and change initiatives. Its offering spans from IT/Business Analysis to Project Management, ensuring streamlined operations. Conducting comprehensive Business Architecture Maturity assessments, NOVILS Consulting guides transformative Digital Transformation Journeys.

With Business Architecture Info, NOVILS Consulting works with you to understand your firm’s training and consulting requirements and develop tailor-made private workshops and result-driven consulting services based on your specific needs. Our private workshops and consulting services are available for the following industries: energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecom, and transportation.

For additional information, ask for a 30-minute meeting.

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