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Welcome Our New Financial Services Business Architecture Reference Framework Committee Members

Financial Services Level 1 Business Capabilities - Business Architecture Info - 2023 - Rec

We are proud to announce the nomination of our eight new Financial Services Business Architecture Reference Framework Committee members. They are currently:

Aman Alagh, Head - Tech Strategy, Planning & Architecture at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in the UAE,

Deepanjan Mitra, EA Senior Architect - Global HR, Supply Chain, Risk & Financials at TransUnion in IL USA,
Gareth Ruddle, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Newcastle Building Society in the UK,
Maggy Thor, Business Architecture Practice Lea
d, Macquarie Group, Australia,
Nana Langa, Chief Business Architect at Absa Gr
oup in South Africa,
Nivin Premkumar, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Architecture at TD Bank in Canada,
Rakesh K Singh, Enterprise Architect
at One America in IN USA, and
Wai-Ling Chiu, Manager E
nterprise Architecture at Knab in the Netherlands.

In the past, this reference framework was crafted based on our client's comments. With our version 3.1 to be released soon,  we will also take into account the input from our Financial Business Architecture Reference Framework Committee. We are really looking forward to showing it to our customers. 

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