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Manufacturing Business Architecture Reference Framework Diagrams (367 Pages)

Manufacturing Business Architecture Reference Framework Diagrams (367 Pages)

This Manufacturing Business Architecture Framework Diagrams PDF file includes 367 pages (76.9 MB). It's specially made for consumer packaged goods, large equipment, textiles, clothing, petroleum, chemicals, plastics, minerals, machinery, computer and electronics, appliances, and components manufacturers. The content includes the following:


  • over 2,650 business capabilities,
  • over 450 information concepts,
  • 36 detailed value streams with their participating stakeholders, where 18 of them are customer-driven and with their enabling business capabilities, and 
  • over 120 manufacturing-related stakeholders,


This PDF file does not include most of the diagrams laid out in the 3 detailed examples (product launch, artificial intelligence, and blockchain) part of the Manufacturing Reference Framework and Examples offered by Business Architecture Info. The diagrams for the 3 detailed examples are sold separately.


Our business architecture reference framework diagrams will guide you to craft rapidly and precisely your own specific business architecture model within your manufacturing organization. 

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