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Manufacturing Business Architecture Framework and Examples Excel File

Manufacturing Business Architecture Framework and Examples Excel File

This Manufacturing Business Architecture Framework and Examples Excel file (743 KB) is specially made for consumer packaged goods, large equipment, textile, clothing, petroleum, chemicals, plastics, mineral, machinery, computer and electronics, appliances, and components manufacturers. The content includes the name, description, children, and cross-map relationships of the following:


  • over 2,950 business capabilities,
  • over 560 information concepts,
  • 36 detailed value streams with their participating stakeholders, where 18 of them are customer-driven and with their enabling business capabilities, and 
  • over 120 manufacturing-related stakeholders,
  • 3 detailed examples (Product Launch to a New Market Segment, Improving Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence, and Traceability Using Blockchain), etc.


Watch our Manufacturing Business Architecture Framework Excel File Video for additional information.


This Excel file does not include any diagrams, but Business Architecture Info has created the Manufacturing Framework Diagrams PDF file, the Manufacturing Product Launch Example PDF file, the Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence Example PDF file, and the Manufacturing Blockchain Example PDF file using this Excel file. Each one of these PDF files can be purchased separately.


Our business architecture framework and examples Excel file has many advantages:


  1. It can be imported easily into most EA tools.
  2. It will guide you to craft rapidly and precisely your own specific business architecture model within your manufacturing company. 
  3. You will be able to deliver precise SAFe value streams to your agile delivery teams with detailed capability-based roadmaps. 


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